Friday, January 2, 2009

Honor your soul

If your spirit is not present where you are, and you feel intuitively called elsewhere, you must hearken to your inner voice. I am not encouraging you to be irresponsible and run away from things you need to do. I am encouraging you to be responsive to your spirit. It is not responsible to engage in activities that affront your soul. Honor your soul by being where you belong.

~ Alan Cohen


  1. I like this, but it is sooo much easier said than done I think. For someone to truly be able to follow thru, they would have to be fairly aware of what their own needs are. Very few people have such self awareness.

  2. I agree. That type of self-awareness comes through years of introspection, and perhaps even some therapy, especially if one enters adulthood after a traumatic childhood. However, it's not impossible and it certainly has been done. I'm proof that it has.