Sunday, September 21, 2014


It was like looking through glass;
clear, certain, no distortion.
The decision was made.
Take the step.
Now, nothing is clear.

Mag 238

© K. Lynette Erwin, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Love in Any Language

Our beautiful daughter was born to us on September 21, 1988. Twenty-six years ago we had no idea what joy and pride she would continue to bring into our lives. All we knew was that as we held her in our arms, she was the most beautiful thing we had ever laid eyes on.

Since that day, much has changed in our lives. Lauren was joined by a sister Heather, and a brother, Nathan and years after that their
father and I divorced. Many more joys and sorrows came and went, along with new people, and new loves, but one thing remained consistent; the love and commitment we had for our kids. 

So today, I have created a video tribute to Lauren--my beautiful daughter who loves music, art, culture, history, languages, travel, and most of all people. In all her studies and travels abroad her goal has always been to connect with people in order to better understand them and seek ways to build bridges to peace and to a better world for us all.