Monday, January 19, 2009

Opening up a vein

I've been hold up writing all weekend and it has been a really fulfilling as well as emotional process. Steph says to really write well one has to "open up a vein" and write from one's own experiences, both good and bad. Write what you know. Write what is in your heart. I learned this weekend that writing can sometimes be like weeks of therapy rolled into one session. Painful & exhausting.


  1. "open up a vein". Great thought. Still, quite often, nothing comes out even though you looked in the right place. One blogger called her site "Blogged writer" (!)

  2. Steph doesn't believe in writer's block. She attributes "writer's block" to burn out. The creative process of writing has an eb and flow about it and if you push the flow you'll block it up. Therefore "writer's block" simply means that you've been pushing too hard. That's why after the last weekend of really intense and often very emotional writing, I had to make myself take a break, even though I really didn't want to. I took two days off and today I'm ready to get back at it with fresh thoughts and insights!