Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The illusion is gone

I had a dream last night that when I awakened was very easy to analyze. I dreamed that I traveled to Vienna with Steph and when we arrived we went to visit this beautiful, old Viennese house full of ornate wood and carved, tray ceilings, large baroque stair cases, etc. All of a sudden the walls started filling with water, it came flooding into them from everywhere. The interior structure walls were filled to bursting and when they broke open a whole section of the interior of the house caved in, and the beautiful tray ceilings came crashing down, the ornate carving was splintered, and although the structure survived, what was revealed was only the structure. The rest had only been a facade, an illusion.

When one understands that in dreams houses represent one's life, then this dream was extremely revealing for me in light of the book I'm currently writing. Things are coming to light that are beginning to threaten the illusion I had of the main character in my book and about her life, and it is adding a whole new depth to the story and revealing a host of new characters who I never thought were important, as extremely important, and in many cases pivotal.


  1. Water represents the subconscious and creativity that is inspired by the subconscious. All the water, I think, represents everything your subconsious is flooding your life with through the act of writing. You're breaking down your own walls and false ceilings.

  2. My mother's therapist, a classic Jungian, told us that houses were symbold of the self and that water represented the unconscious, which is why we often have no difficulty breathing under water in dreams.