Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spirituality vs. Religion

Someone posted this in a web forum to which I belong and I thought it was so good that I wanted to share it with you.

SPIRITUALITY says that God/Goddess is within us and that we don't need anyone else to make that divine connection for us.

RELIGION says that we are separated from God and that we need "Them" to make that divine connection.

SPIRITUALITY says that we are free to make choices on our own and that we must take personal responsibility for our actions.

RELIGION says we must make their choices and act their way.

The theme of SPIRITUALITY is unconditional love.

The theme of RELIGION is fear and guilt.

SPIRITUALITY does not require us to make monitary donations.

RELIGION is big buisness.

SPIRITUALITY doesn't teach hell, judgment, no angry god or goddess...we are loved uncondtionally.

RELIGION says there is a hell, God is angry and judgmental ...we are not loved unconditionally.

SPIRITUALITY says we are free to choose our own path to god.

RELIGION commands us to do it their way.

SPIRITUALITY says we go to god to lighten our burdens.

RELIGION teaches us to fear god.

SPIRITUALITY says we shouldn't be ashamed of our sexuality... that it's a sacred expression of love.

RELIGION teaches us to feel ashamed, dirty, and guilty about our sexuality.

SPIRITUALITY teaches us to honor and respect the planet.

RELIGION tells us to be "fruitful and multiply" and "subdue" the planet.

SPIRITUALITY reminds us that we are one with god and with one another.

RELIGION teaches separation from god and from one another, creating disunity.

SPIRITUALITY says we are born in innocence and purity.

RELIGION says we are born in sin.

SPIRITUALITY teaches that we are on a long spiritual journey which will ultimately end by reuniting us with our source.

RELIGION says we have only one life to get it right and that our ultimate destination is heaven or hell.


  1. Religion is a human invention; spirituality comes from the divine. People aren't killed over spirituality; wars aren't fought over spirituality; but they are over religion. In my opinion, religion is evil and it creates terrorists and dictators.

  2. Well I certainly agree about what religion does wrong. I am atheist so that some of what is claimed for spirituality cannot apply to me, yet I find most of what it says it does is true for me. When asked, I call myself a fringe Buddhist. I think each of us finds our own belief system and what goes wrong is mainly when we think that what we have worked out is right.

  3. I know many atheists who still believe in "the soul". To be Atheist simply means that you don't believe in a divine being, or god. There are as many spiritual beliefs and interpretations as there are people. Whatever works best for you is what works best. :)

  4. I like your views of spirituality.
    I have heard it said that the difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is talking to God but meditation is listening to God. blessings

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