Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten reasons why menopause sucks

(There are a whole lot more, but these seem to be the issues that are biggest for me.)

1. You get fat, (or fatter).

2. Your skin starts getting funny spots all over it, and it dries out and grows thin.

3. You can't see or hear as well.

4. Everything sags.

5. Your hair is dull and lifeless.

6. If you have allergies/asthma, they get worse.

7. You tire more easily.

8. You have horrible mood swings.

9. Your joints get achy.

10. You lose your memory.

All you young women who read this blog--don't ever complain about getting your period. Welcome it! Rejoice when you have it, for it's your fountain of youth! Whenever you're tempted to curse the day every month that your period arrives, come back to my blog and read this list.

(You've got to watch the following. Just don't laugh so hard that you pee your pants.)


  1. I always welcome it :) It's part of being a woman and I am proud of it!

    I dread menopause though... :S

  2. One advantage, as a backpacker, it makes things much easier. Plus, regardless of what the experts (all males, by the way)say, I can relax a bit more when hiking through bear country.