Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plates: A family heritage

I first saw this over on Derrick's blog who got it from Willow, and I thought is would be fun. So here are my offerings! My plates are a reflection of Steph's and my combined family heritage. We both love to collect dishes and we have several sets, not all complete. We love to mix and match them, and on special occasions you will never see the same place setting twice. We hope to collect more in the future, as we are able to travel to different places around the world.

The dishes that my great grandmother used in her restaurant in Washington, Oklahoma.

Plates that belonged to Steph's mother. The bowl on the far left was Steph's mom's baby bowl.

The Lenox bone china that my father gave to my mother for their 25th wedding anniversary. It was passed to me when mother died in June of 2001.

The first dishes that Steph and I bought together. The blue pottery was purchased in an outlet store in Denver, Colorado, and the little floral plates were purchased in a boutique in Boulder, Colorado.

This pasta plate and tureen look like they came right out of Tuscany, but were actually purchased at a Hobby Lobby right here in Stillwater. (The champagne flutes to the right were our wedding flutes.)


  1. You have no idea the gratitude I feel when I see the things I lived around for the weekend I spent at your house and I KNOW THEM, I RECOGNIZE THEM. I ATE ON THEM. You are blessed to have such a feeling of family and home. And it is - the minute I walked in I could tell it was a HOME. It may be in the parking lot of a church (LOL) and not perfect, but that can't take away from the feelings inside the structure. I love you guys (and the extended guys that both of you have made!) with all my heart. And - you've both got great taste! :)

  2. One of my aunts gave me most of her collection of English bone china teacups and saucers - the kind with hand-painted flowers and stuff. I love them. I hope to have a nice curio cabinet in the future to put them in. I do use them for tea, and for some reason, the tea tastes better in them. Probably just my imagination. haha

  3. No I don't think it's your imagination because we say the same thing. We always prefer to drink tea out of our china tea cups rather than from ceramic mugs or beakers. There's just something about porcelain that makes the tea taste better.

  4. And by the way, all your dishes are just beautiful!