Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on the novel

I haven't made any entries about my book on my blog lately, not because I haven't been working on it, but because it has undergone some transitions over the past several weeks and I wasn't ready to disclose what was going on with it.

Last month I asked Steph to join in as a co-author, seeing as a great deal of the story and research for it can be attributed to her work for her own novel, Night Music, which is the story of Mozart as told by the composer "himself" in memoir fashion. At present, Steph is going through what I have already written and is editing, adding, cutting, and re-working and as each chapter is finished, it is being posted on a private blog, (by invitation only), for selected readers to read and comment on. Thus far we've received some excellent comments. People are responding well to the story, which those familiar with the Mozart story will recognize, but from an entirely different angle and perspective,adding of course, Nancy's story into the mix, with which few will be familiar. This book isn't really about Mozart or Nancy, but their love story. The love story is the central character.

We're excited about it because it's a fresh take on what can often be viewed as a worn-out story with nothing new to offer. Never underestimate the power of a love story!

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