Friday, September 11, 2009

Love thy neighbor

In the last several weeks I have joined the millions of other Americans working with President Obama in the effort to reform our broken health care system, and in the midst of the debate I am amazed and appalled by the lack of compassion exhibited by so many Americans for the plight of others, their friends and neighbors who lack health insurance, have insufficient health insurance, and those who don't have access to even the most basic health care because of a lack of insurance and/or the means to pay for it.  How could we have allowed this to happen in this great nation?  And why are so many so reluctant to do anything about it?
I found the following quote from a poster on YouTube last night and it pretty well sums up my feelings on this issue.

Incredible, absolutely incredible.  How can America ever be great again when it's people are so ready to let their fellow citizens perish?  If this is derailed under the auspices of cost, the U.S. as a world power is toast.  The U.S. dollars that so many of you are so greedily clenching to your chests will be about as good as toilet paper once the inflation from dealing with the economic effects of an unhealthy, uneducated populace really starts to set in. Human rights aren't negotiable.


  1. My feelings, exactly. Our society has been infected with a very poisonous uncaring attitude. It's disheartening to see.