Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Author becomes the Marketer

It's true. One of the hard facts of publishing now days is that no matter if you're published by a firm or self-published, the author is responsible for a lion's share of the marketing of a book. I have learned that the term for this is "flogging" a book. I'm not sure where this term originates, as I am completely new to this.

The good news is that in a little over six weeks since my book has published I have sold 38 copies! The bad news is that virtually every one of those copies has gone to someone I know. BUT that is all about to change, for just yesterday I learned that So Faithful a Heart is now available for purchase on both Amazon and Ebay! This will greatly increase my market and since Ebay accepts PayPal and ships internationally (a feature that is not offered for my book on Amazon), that means that my market has expanded tremendously!

In the meantime I am looking for reviewers for my Amazon page. If you have read So Faithful a Heart and have an account on Amazon.com, I would be most grateful if you would go there and write a review. The more the merrier and the more recognition it will get!

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