Thursday, February 4, 2010

Announcing a second edition

It has been nearly three months since I published the first edition of So Faithful a Heart and I have received nothing but glowing reviews. Since this is my first novel, I published it without a registered ISBN number (yes, there is an ISBN assigned to the title, but it isn't registered), so that there would be limited distribution in order that I might keep better tabs on the number of copies out there and get better feedback on it. As I said, thus far, the reviews have been fantastic--people love the story, the characters, the setting, everything. However I have gotten the valid criticism that my readers feel I rushed a bit through the ending and therefore the end didn't contain the emotional impact that the rest of the book had. And since Steph is now deep in the throes of writing her second novel, With a Bullet, she has been learning some tricks of the craft and passing them on to me. Since I published my book back in November, I have learned the writing editor's adage, "show, don't tell" and how to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases that only serve to slow the reader and bog the story down, and now I want to go back and apply them to this novel. So I am now in the process of re-editing and rewriting So Faithful a Heart, to be published as an expanded, second edition, hopefully in about a month. And unlike the first edition, after this one is published, it will be available internationally.

For those who have not yet purchased a copy and are interested in it, I encourage you to wait for the next edition, and for those of you who have already purchased it and read it, I will be happy to offer you the second edition, at cost (no royalties to me), once it is published.

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