Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Rape

Sleep on and hear nothing.
Black Gold, Texas Tea.
Sleep on while outside Mama cries.
Mama screams.
Sleep on and see nothing.
Mama bleeds.
Sleep on and feel nothing.
Mama struggles, Mama chokes.
Be the silent partner,
while outside,
Mama dies.

© copyright K. Lynette Erwin, 2014

Mag 208


  1. My hand flew to my heart. I can't help but wonder what will happen when he wakes up...

  2. Exceptionally good. You went in a completely different direction than anyone else. Brava!

  3. I had to come back having read your post about this on Face Book. Now that I have read the thinking behind the poem, I can say with even more conviction, this IS powerful.

  4. Unexpected interpretation of this prompt...

    1. I live in Oklahoma where we've been experiencing earthquakes due to hydraulic chemical fracturing or "fracking". Yesterday where I live we had four earthquakes that registered between 2.9 and 3.1. Granted, they weren't big, but we felt them and it was unsettling, especially considering that we don't normally have earthquakes in Oklahoma and these are caused by man. It's the rape of our land. That's where my head was at when I saw this prompt.

  5. Reading about the earthquakes that have hit your city , this poem is very apt. While man ravages Nature , Nature hits us back. though-provoking poem.

  6. 'Be silent partner' ~ after tragedy what else...~ strong reminder to respect the nature, our home...

  7. Wow! Unreal and everyone else has said it but powerful.

  8. Strong the way you did this to bring awareness...and hopefully change...

  9. Intense. I so enjoyed this! Poor Mama!

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments! This is only my second time with the Magpie writing prompt and only my second poem ever. I never considered myself a poet, but I think I must might have some talent for it. :)

  11. The kind folk said "move away from there"...

  12. This may be short, but it packs a wallop.