Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Manifesting the Dream

Almost from the beginning of our relationship, Steph and I have dreamed of owning a home in the country that would be suitable for hosting an artist's retreat. It, in fact, is the primary reason we started our non-profit, At this point, our primary focus has been upon author support services and providing websites at a low cost to artists and arts organizations, but we've always had a dream of providing support to musicians, artists, writers, and actors with funding and retreats that encourage them to do what they do best. With the arts on the austerity chopping block in most governments and with public school budgets slashed to the bare-bones minimum, people in the private sector must move up to the forefront and provide educational opportunities and funding
to help artists realize their talents and promote the arts in a world that is literally starving for them.

Recently, we've been sensing the "call" to step-up our efforts towards manifesting our dream into reality, but to do so is going to require contact with the right people--those with the same vision as ours and who either have the money to make it happen or who know investors who have
money and the desire to be a part of something like this. We do know many "right" people in many "right" places who very likely could put us in contact with the ones who could help us turn this dream into a reality. That's why I'm posting this entry today. It's one way of putting out the call. The universe knows what we desire. We're ready now to make this thing happen!


  1. That's fabulous news! I help promote local bands and organise yearly charity gigs. Knowing the right people isn't always easy but you seem determined and that's what's important. Luckily, they now have a manager and a record label but it's taken them 5 years of sheer hard work to get there.

    Incidentally they recorded a song called Lynette
    which is loved right away by most folk. The band's called Hotel India. Here's a Facebook link if you fancy listening to it.

    My heart's with you on this project and never lose faith. Fingers crossed...x

  2. Thank you, Helena. We'll keep the dream alive!