Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blow, blow, thou spring wind

I had such grandiose plans for my writing today! I was going to drive out to Couch Park, one of the most lovely spots in town, and plug my laptop into one of the pavilion outlets and spend the afternoon doing rewrites on my book in the shade of the many large oaks, amongst the chattering squirrels, and the chirping of the birds. But alas, the weather refused to cooperate with my wishes as the Oklahoma winds are blowing in a thunderstorm. I guess I'll have to stay inside to write.


  1. We're being blown about too, here in Southgate. I cancelled a hike today because we have severe thunderstorms moving in all around us. But I like storms, so long as they don't do any damage - the thunder and lightning are exciting to me.

  2. And just think, soon, you'll be able to cozy up to a fireplace to write, while I make you a pot of tea. Who knows... maybe this old composer will even make a batch of scones.