Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ten favorite movie characters

I found this meme on Willow's blog and thought it so clever that I had to play along!


Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Don't call me Lawrence.

Oh God, I pierced the toast!

Antonio Salieri
Can you recall no melody of mine?

Charlie Anderson
They don't belong to the state they belong to me! When they were babies I never saw the state comin' around here with a spare tit!

Lili von Schtupp
Let's face it fellas, everything from the waist down is kaput!

I want the Rootie-Tootie Fresh N' Fruity like at IHOP.

Elinor Dashwood
Marianne, can you play something else? Mamma has been weeping since breakfast. I meant something less mournful dearest.

Eliza Doolittle
...and what I say is, them as pinched it done her in

Mama Morton
In this town, murder's a form of entertainment.


  1. Oooo...nice pics! F. Murray Abraham was a fabulous Salieri. And Emma Thompson is always great.

  2. Came here from Merisi's blog. BTW, Willow was featured in my most recent Sunday Roast interview.

    Eliza Doolittle was wonderful and yes, I recall that quote too!