Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What to wear? What to wear?

I have been invited to attend The 2nd Annual Willow Manner Ball, and once again, I shall be escorted by the ever-charming and delightful Wolfgang A. Mozart. Last year I wore a lovely 18th century gown made of raw, polished silk in butter yellow.

This year I am having a difficult time making up my mind what I should wear and I need your help.  The following are the choices.  Help me decide!


  1. Ooh, they're all beautiful, but I like option 1, with option 2 close beind. Option 3 is LOVELY, but a bit overpowering.
    So, option 1 is my advice.

  2. ...option 2 close beHind...
    Darn fingers...

  3. Dearest Friend!

    I am drawn more to the first gown than to the others your have shown. The second looks like an undergarment and the third, well, frankly, pfui!

    I think the suit that I have selected will complement the first gown perfectly! You can my suit on my weblog.

    I am fairly dancing with excitement over escorting you to this gala event -- my feet are barely touching the floor!

    1000 hand kisses are flying your way!

  4. I am obviously far too excited about this event. Such writing! What I intended to say is, I pray, easy enough to surmise, despite the fact that my poor, addled noodle works much more quickly than do my fingers.

  5. Dearest Addled-Noodled Friend,

    "Don't never forget your true and faithful friend..."


  6. I vote for #1, also. Although, my personal second place dress is #3. I agree with Wolfie: #2 looks like undergarments. I think you could pull off #3 just fine, but still, #1 (which it seems was your first instinct anyway) is tops! :) Have fun, whatever this little shinding is. ;D

  7. The first choice, is my vote, hands down. SO elegant!!! You and Herr Mozart will be THE most handsome couple at the ball. Can't wait to see you both. :D

  8. Either 1 or 3 - I like the train on number 3!

  9. As a guy, I'd say go with the blue one.