Thursday, March 13, 2014


Remember the past, but don't linger.
Remember what we had, but move on.
Remember what we lost, but don't grieve.
Remember? You captured it all in song.

Remember the joys, the laughter.
Remember the heartbreak and tears.
Remember the tender, stolen kisses.
The memories sustained us through the years. 

Now at last we're together.
The memories of love brought us here.
It was the captured song we remembered,
And it kept us from all fear.

So remember the past and linger.
Linger in my arms and in my heart.
And when once again, death comes,
We will never again be apart. 

© K. Lynette Erwin, 2014


1 comment :

  1. If it's meant, it's meant eternally. Nice verse.